Our F1 wall arts products are super-high quality available in Alu-Dibond or Acrylic Glass version.
Both of them are available in 7 different sizes from 30 cm till 150 cm width

Detail of Acrylic example with Max Verstappen

Acrylic Gass
Acrylic glass enhances the vibrancy and depth of colors in a printed photo. The colors appear more vibrant and saturated, making the image stand out.
The thickness of the acrylic glass adds a sense of depth to the image. When hanging on the wall, the photo can create a three-dimensional effect, which is visually appealing.
Acrylic glass has a glossy surface that gives a luxurious and modern look to the photo. The glossy finish enhances the overall aesthetics of the image, giving it a sleek and polished look.

The smooth surface of acrylic glass is easy to clean with a soft, non-abrasive cloth. This feature is useful for preserving the look of the photo over time.
Acrylic glass prints have a contemporary and modern aesthetic, making them suitable for a variety of environments including homes, offices, galleries and commercial spaces.

It is a light and rigid material consisting of two aluminium plates. The photo print on the Alu-Dibond support is matte, meaning that there are no light reflections. The print of your desired photograph is directly printed on a 3mm Alu-Dibond support with black edges. This rigid material is the ideal compromise to highlight a photograph and to have a quality photo print.

Detail of Alu-dibond example with picture of Charles Leclerc